Saturday, April 18, 2009


i pry your hand from mine
after all this time
knowing it was me
a hurt too deep
even these sun-drenched grapes can't reach
growing away
on this downward slope
of vines and chalky soil
we called ourselves
before we knew
before the season even started
and the harvest escaped us both

your look
no longer adequate to keep me
from this dark recess
i call home
too far along to turn back
too late to alter the course
i take time and time again
at your expense
with a smile i leave you
alone again
mistaken all along
as the salve which i required
to live again

Sunday, April 12, 2009


three-quarter moon
illuminates the heather
purple like the marks
you left upon my heart
purple like the marks
i left upon your skin
signaling the spring
as we move forward

reaching toward the center
escaping us both
this halo in clouds
obscuring where we really are
neither seeing the omens we leave
littered and ignored
as we fumble
in this fraction illuminated

Friday, April 3, 2009

beautiful night

this friday grooms me
in wind-swept cloud cover
like youth
like tomorrow
like the day i left behind
when i turned my back on you
and turned yellow into gold

this moment of purity
as i looked to the west
seeing only sunshine
instead of sunset
and knowing every step i took
drew the breath of others
not in wonder, but in awe

this simple path of being
carried me
beyond the pale
beyond the death of me
into the life of you and the horizon
purged of silver and grey
glimmered in flourescent colour

Thursday, April 2, 2009


the red rose of spring
curled petals in brown
graced my touch today
with blood and pain

my grip tightened
as i held all that was within me out
for the strangers i call friends
to witness and embrace

the solitudes of joy
without existence
in this time of peril and hope
because i know no other avenue to share

the hurt and beauty it bestows
crushed deep in my hand
pressed long on my heart
hollow. red. flowing in nothing but dashed hopes

of tomorrows and todays
all encompassing in red and agony
crimson this beauty to the eye
and harbinger of my solitary walk

to this mound of soft earth
i will drop you upon
brown as your petals
home of my peace

sad as your truth
impossible to all but me to see
destroyed and dying
this smile on my face

a shadow
a myth
another day to breathe
this earth into my lungs

and die content
in your embrace of blood and sacrifice
as i sink
into the dark