Saturday, May 23, 2009

bits and pieces

these scraps of me
for the likes of you
line this cluttered path
our own personal debris

you once said goodbye
but you never meant it
always choosing the periphery
to collect your just rewards
tethered to the truth inside
which the mirror never betrayed
you hid within me

these bits and pieces
from the likes of me
now sustain you
in your own debris

Saturday, May 9, 2009


in three dimensions
you take form
my life blood melding you
in relief
in perpetuity
in loving defiance
i make you

having never seen your eyes
these hands pressed into shape
the sweet exterior of you
in memorial
in commemoration
in willing blindness
i make you

in exacting detail
from the blueprint in my mind
i glazed you over
in likeness
in nothing
in splintered reality
i made you

Thursday, May 7, 2009

i'm ready

you want me?
then remove yourself from you
settle in as i pry you from who you think you are
along for the ride
in this string of words
deeds not always needed, but done
with each click of the reel
drawing you closer
as prey

listen more to what i don't say
the dance more relevant
than the steps we take
willed beyond resistance
you tumble closer to your end-point
the place i like best
as i dangle you before the mirror you hate
embraced in solitude
and pray

no longer detached
to the nothing i offered
more so to the need i fill
for no reason other than to haunt you
and suck from you
the fragments of peace you once held so near
a willing participant
of your own demise
you stay

Sunday, May 3, 2009


look at me as i speak to you
don't cast those darkly shaded eyes away
your place is here
with me
under this firm hand
i exact all that you desire
in this place of tears and laughter

marked with the scent of me
my sweet putain
you could not leave if you wanted to
the stench as much a part of you
as the pigtails i hold you by
and the blue drool of the lollipop
which trickles down your chin

kiss me with the mess i made of you
sugar and salt combined
to soil you like the tear-streaked mascara
painting its mask on your face
were you beaten or were you loved
and does it even matter, salope
my petite putain

Saturday, May 2, 2009


give to me the required
the requisite imposition
i will ignore
the installment from you
which will be scrutinized
and met with the utter indifference
of my love for you

i no longer care enough
to engage
to admire
or to relate my feelings
of loving disdain
as i carry you forth
with me in this mind numbing existence

i love you as an exercise
of what i no longer am
and expect so much more
than you can possibly give or accept
as your installment
to this sick dance we crave
regarding you naught, my beautiful