Saturday, October 25, 2008

who i told you i was

withholding everything
i told you the truth
you wanted to hear

silver, gold, and bronze
accepted as real
although the tangible

escaped us both
leaving mineralistic deposits
on the path we chose

to our own deception
crusted in its brilliance
brittle in its form

the weight of our own feet
hastened our fall
together through our own deceit

what i never said

as the time slipped before me
the words were forgotten
so long rehearsed
perched upon my tongue
without purpose or plan
i let them fade away

before the storm of you and i
the words were scattered
like delicate fabric
left upon the line
too long unattended
i let them blow away

neglecting the obvious
the words i never said
drove you further from me
like the winded sail
filling you with loss
i let them go away


what i once saw so clearly
escapes me now as a process
reflecting only distilled refraction
in sepia and shadow

as a fog descending
i'm clouded in the memories
of the once seeing, alive with vision
in color and light

Sunday, October 19, 2008


tomorrow my baby arrives
like no other
she smiles as i consume her presence
and slip into the void
left from the last kiss
so long ago

a counting meter, as a metronome
dictates the patience and distance
we endure as one
knowing only the endgame
without doubt or question
affirmed from the start

the sweet smell of you
precedes your arrival at the gate
like the entrance to Candyland
my senses subtly capture you
consuming every molecule
as my entry to your world

turn your back on me

if you know where to place your feet
as you step away from me
don't look over your shoulder
i will not be there

the choice was yours
from the beginning, without resistance
no stake did i take in your actions
as my indifference prevailed

without expectations i watched you
digging your own grave
became my personal entertainment
as expected, without affect or remorse

am i here

twisted, as the trunk of this tree
which i lie beneath
i ponder the next move before me
nothing or something feel the same
as i press against the firm bark
my only support

only my own weight matters
as i shift between here and nowhere
shaded and sheltered
i wonder, am i here?
or is a parallel existence
my only support

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


anxiously attempting the impossible
convinced beyond all doubt
the treasure lay in wait
for your greedy hands
to grasp for yourself
oblivious to my will

i watched you as you stumbled
thinking everything was fine
always one step ahead
the outcome evident from the beginning
too bright for your own doll eyes
oblivious to the truth

as you approached the end
i offered my hand to catch you
ignored, you insisted you'd made it
knowing all the while
your task was too great to ever succeed
oblivious to all around you

this meant everything to you

lie, cheat, steal my love
for you it's academic
tell us both the opposite truths
self-serving victim of your own needs
depleted until the No Outlet sign
straightened you out with its impact

your aerial maneuver without adequate runway
sputtered as you barely cleared the treeline
low on fuel and energy inertia failed you
as the backwash of your actions
removed the veneer of thinly waxed wings
rendering you a spiraling wreck

attempted without the skill of timing or wit
this undertaking meant everything to you
to turn the table of control in your favor
like footprints in wet concrete
your momentum slowed with each step
until the true measure of your failure was revealed

Saturday, October 4, 2008


long sleek strips of pulp
fashioned for pen or imprint
of pressured expression
meant for others
from the mind of a stranger

pressed and fashioned to comply
with either demand
dependent on the need at hand
paper, pulp, or meaning
each deserving of you

i reached for the pen
as the roll expired before me
leaving me only remnants
of space to fit
each syllable inside me

i left you as i found you
only different and filled
with expressions of words
only meant for you
written across the surface of your face

this night

tomorrow only knows
the answers we sought
as the hours passed
leaving us in the vapor
of this night

the wind pushed through us
chimes with no melody
for we pay no attention
to neither deed or action
of this night

i asked. you answered.
only once because nothing else was needed
we swayed back and forth
two as one without cause or worry
of this night

never really knowing

i saw a star
its name i can't recall
but the colour was clear
as the hue of the glow
and the crimson that shone
reflected off your face
despite the darkness
surrounding us

the glowing meld of gold and spectrum
drew me like no other
a constellation, a wish, a star
like no other but welcomed as home
its fire both warm and distant
glows today within me
never really knowing its name
though embraced as mine alone

across from me

brunette. beautiful.
dark and full of light
i loved you then
as i saw your eyes
brilliant and black
reflect me back to you

the curl of your smile
as you looked away
revealed all i needed to know
i turned. i saw. i spoke.
your glance became the stare
we hold today

Thursday, October 2, 2008

each day my last

don't reach out for me
i've learned not to take a hand
the sting of this reality
bites into my skin
leaving nothing to grasp at all

a bitter heart with seeing eyes
i have become by my own accord
living each day as my last
as the sand which slips
through these far too calloused hands

once a sponge or succulent
now withering as each sun passes
turning this light to black
like the heavy earth left covering
this slab of marble i lie beneath