Thursday, December 17, 2009

this one last step

from the shallow
to the deep
meeting the equator
all parallels in line
finally in tune in harmony
watching the ever-approaching bottom

no longer a sunrise
or a warm hand to hold me
this dirty hand slips
back into the earth
marked in granite
and the soft feel
of ash

never did i live so much
to extricate this pain
or feel the silent welling
of a voice no longer heard
eternity too short
and unforgiving
for me

this one last step
forever damning me
to remember to forget
the time i gave my soul
in the hope of a glimpse of me
in laughter
no more

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

another measure of nothing

drain me of the words i've already offered
endless sentences
round and round you go
to no end at all
repeated redundancy

try as you may this whorl-wind
spinning dust and debris, useless
as if no time exists
to watch the sun rise
wishing for the premature dusk

silence earned
as this world stops spinning
its axis revealed as something other than love
an inquiry to disaster
invited by your incantations

silly, silly thing
you look not for what is present
always seeking what you found in others
your poison. your solice
our demise

Friday, December 11, 2009

in words i can not utter
i can not think
in these thoughts
for you

in inaction
and you will never know
will never be mine
for you

how many ways

can i tell you nothing
in this vacuum i call home
leaving me spinning endlessly
circles once effortless
now always stopped by corners
unnavigable in acute angles
tangling me again
in myself

can i see yesterday
in tomorrows dawn
like concertina glistening
wishes torn away in flesh
left as the lone reminder
of my passing here
as the yield ignored entirely
by myself

never so peaceful

as this black night takes me
starless, brilliant, and clear
the crisp bite of this reality
daunting and all consuming
i leave you now

this cool dirt covers me
a warmth i never knew
as air escaped me
never so peaceful
these open eyes ever seeing

why cry the tears of the forgotten
when no one will remember
their saline dreams
as earth and sky become one
forever more

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

los fragmentos de español

rouse me from this sleep
a soundtrack in your head
to wage the war of lovers

whispers in my ear
shall lift this veil of night
to the music of another

bring me to my knees
with this intimate dance
in your twisted devotion

i can use your tears
to bring me to that place
where the words lose their meaning

breaths escaping us
to match our beating hearts
in a language all our own

the deep moans of me
mark the slow squeals of you
in fragments inaudible

chílleme nada
in this sweet ecstasy
spread upon these silken sheets

the colors of your voice
a symphony of desire

in your hard wet kisses
and the butter on your thighs

grab this face again
look into these eyes and
chille sus tonterías