Thursday, August 27, 2009

the idle mind

the slow tick of the gears
inertia not lost
in execution or in time
this sweat
beaded softly on the brow
busy at the task in hand

a developing thought
consumes these walls
wicked in intent
brought to bear
upon the will of the unknown
this kaleidoscope of evil focus

will it ever end
the work of the tortured
in attempting
to put to rest
the never-ending desire
within the suffering mind

these given tools
held firm and at leisure
to master this work
and turn the deliberate
hands of time
into the masterpiece of your choosing


tender thing
your dark hair mine
sweat-soaked and clinging
to mascara streaked with me
marking you mine

i drip from you
honey from a hive
like the viscous strings
between your thighs

those eyes
dark-shadowed and staring
softly up at me
from bleeding knees
in useless pleading

through sticky lips
you break a little smile
content. anointed.
vanilla salt-water taffy
escaping your mouth

a dirty little thing
this love of ours
pulling you toward me
to kiss me deeply again

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


these fading vapors
diagonal and sharp
bind you
in the unknowing iridescence
of where we've been

sinking you
to earth you fall
in their disappearance
much like all that has left you
weightless no more
you tumble

no longer a reminder
to ease your pain
this angels opposite laughs
and sucks these sweet gases
from the sky
unraveling you once more