Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sweet Tea

there was a time
when all memories
were fine
and the sun was in the sky
its rightful orbit

your tan line reminds me
of that day
as the wind blew our hair
and the sea assaulted our senses
i watched you

there was freedom there
a place to lay our heads
to swing and laugh
i believe
is what we called it

as in youth
the salt inspired
our tireless eyes
to never focus on a thing
but that day in the sun
sipping the sweet tea of the moment

Saturday, June 28, 2008


there was not a boundary
which could confine you
not a gate, open or closed
to contain you
from the beginning
you ran more than you stood

the writing defined you
obscured by the reality
your nature. your curse.
not to be held, and never tightly
even the loose bindings of choice
escaped you looking backwards

there was a time, which expired
before us. as we watched
participants in our own destruction
complacent partners wanting it all
but never asking ourselves
the why or the how

the truth consuming us in time
as the dance stumbled and questioned
our every move
leaving us blinded, but aware
of the loosened grasp allowing
the last unraveling of us. Unbound.

no tether to hold us
our words dropping into the void
of hopelessness and despair
we lost ourselves in the struggle
losers of the win-win
even as we smiled into each others eyes

standing on the spot we once called ourselves
feeling nothing, as the gravity
pulled us under to the dirt and space
reserved for those who fail
the simplest of tasks
predetermined from the start

a farewell not in words
but in a singular deed
the final chorus written
before the epilogue took shape
defining our demise
in words never written. Unbound.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Always one step ahead