Friday, December 26, 2008


stars collided
the day you drew your first breath
such a significant act
often overshadowed
by who we become

your hair belies you
hiding that which can never be hidden
the soft features
of a young woman

lips curled
in that smirk which defines you
brash and unashamed
you proceed with caution

eyes wide
absorbing all around you
not a moment escapes
without you taking a piece of it
for yourself

in your confidence
growing into grace
with all the eyes of the world upon you
you brought a smile to our face

* for Nicole

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Seasons Fleetings*

there was a time
when the holly and the pine
permeated my senses
with recollection and promise
that hope would warm the spirit
and all was well

there was a time
as a young man was dreaming
and the fruits of his labour
bore gifts and reward
enough to nourish the soul
and pass on to others

there was a time
when the sound of young voices
carried the room
on that cold winter morning
surrounded by ribbon and laughter
each searching under the green boughs

there was a time
as life carried on
that the needles started to dry and fall away
their scent a distant memory
no longer clinging to our clothes
reminding us that something changed

there was a time
that age and distance carried them away
each year their return
less frequent than before
a slow migration into themselves
leaving me alone

there was a time
when spoken words turned to texts
phone conversations turned to greeting cards
and even a once beating heart
found it difficult
to comprehend this reality

there was a time
when even the holly and the pine
could not relieve the broken heart
left from the slow decay
of who we once were together
now a distant shadow

there was a time
now that the branches have broken
and the needles lay dry beneath my feet
that the holly only serves
to draw my blood with its prick
with each attempt to decorate the mantle

there was a time
when even the brandy in my coffee
could not remove you from the memory
that i once held so dear
sitting among the gift wrap
awaiting your next smile

there was a time
and that time is today
that i will wait alone again
and hold you close in my heart
knowing you are gone
by your own choice poisoned

today i'll hold the holly and the pine
the sap sticking to my bloodied palms
and smile at what i made you
and cry at who you are
as i hang the wreath upon the door
waiting to greet you once more

* to Mallory, Timothy, and William

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

wax and wane

i saw you and knew
you were mine despite yourself
evident in the fact that gray
defined my mood, not the colour of the sky
but, the dull glow about you
that brought me here
to face you in this storm
of clouds and sea
lost for an instant
in ourselves, never knowing the other
as we should
yet always able to explain the why
of the why not

Saturday, December 20, 2008

burn me a flower

singe the outline
on my skin and mind
like a feathers blaze
indelibly stamped
upon my soul

tell me the smell
of colours is lasting
as my memory of you
turned away as a season
only to become something else

your borders raised and angry
like life itself
remind me i once lived
in the shadows
of colour and light
obscured only by that curl of white smoke

acrid. pungent. sulfur.
this smoldering work
defines the broken peace
of my one true thing
burned, now forever with me

Friday, December 19, 2008


each day
the countdown to you
ignored, the potential
of every blind corner
as i take your hand
and lead you there

some say
the moon revolves clockwise
reversing your pull
yet my heart leans forward
as you take my hand
and lead me there

one way
defines the descending path
we chose without concern
of outcome or destination
as we take our hands
and show eachother the way

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

not anymore

more dangerous to be alone
the end
my well-worn drive
away, shut out, emotional
more revealing

i'd like to smile
and fake it
gets harder
to drag myself out

to put on
to pretend
i care just the same
i can't carry on like this
not anymore

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Erlenmeyer Flasks

these fine grains
heated to make you whole
smooth and sturdy
utilitarian in your grace
you allow my use of you

graduated and sterile
your neck defines you
weighted or free
swirled as in titration
you hold my volumes

your shape unique
as Emil inspired you to creation
culturing each cell
in gas exchanging beauty
you measure my failures and success

Saturday, November 22, 2008

if i cared

tomorrow will never come
despite the efforts of the sun
held below the horizon
by my indifference
as the moon passes over
without shadow
casting you into the nonexistent

another way to say goodbye

standing next to me
i knew you were gone
even before your hand went limp in mine

you saw the ground
as i saw the sky
wondering why my vision was so blurred

10 digits bound us
until the shrill ring
awoke me no longer

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


the pull of you
relieved me of myself
sending me tumbling
into this sweet abyss
i had overlooked

gone are the notions
that defined me
once upon a time
melding the given and the lost
as the potters wheel

spinning spinning
in the free fall of you
taken as i walked silently
blinded by it all
purged, to live again

Monday, November 17, 2008

i used to love you

hanging by a string
in your tattered mind
my everything
i made you crawl
on the splintered floor
as you sputtered words in that silly drawl

there was no hole in my heart to fill
just untied sutures
that i placed at will
as i stripped your fears
the emotions flowed
streaming down your face in a world of tears

so the questions stand
as we move away
from our unfilled plans
your mind submerged
i leave you now
completely purged

no looking back
as the distance grows
on the words we lacked
no matter now what you choose to do
just read these words
i used to love you

Saturday, October 25, 2008

who i told you i was

withholding everything
i told you the truth
you wanted to hear

silver, gold, and bronze
accepted as real
although the tangible

escaped us both
leaving mineralistic deposits
on the path we chose

to our own deception
crusted in its brilliance
brittle in its form

the weight of our own feet
hastened our fall
together through our own deceit

what i never said

as the time slipped before me
the words were forgotten
so long rehearsed
perched upon my tongue
without purpose or plan
i let them fade away

before the storm of you and i
the words were scattered
like delicate fabric
left upon the line
too long unattended
i let them blow away

neglecting the obvious
the words i never said
drove you further from me
like the winded sail
filling you with loss
i let them go away


what i once saw so clearly
escapes me now as a process
reflecting only distilled refraction
in sepia and shadow

as a fog descending
i'm clouded in the memories
of the once seeing, alive with vision
in color and light

Sunday, October 19, 2008


tomorrow my baby arrives
like no other
she smiles as i consume her presence
and slip into the void
left from the last kiss
so long ago

a counting meter, as a metronome
dictates the patience and distance
we endure as one
knowing only the endgame
without doubt or question
affirmed from the start

the sweet smell of you
precedes your arrival at the gate
like the entrance to Candyland
my senses subtly capture you
consuming every molecule
as my entry to your world

turn your back on me

if you know where to place your feet
as you step away from me
don't look over your shoulder
i will not be there

the choice was yours
from the beginning, without resistance
no stake did i take in your actions
as my indifference prevailed

without expectations i watched you
digging your own grave
became my personal entertainment
as expected, without affect or remorse

am i here

twisted, as the trunk of this tree
which i lie beneath
i ponder the next move before me
nothing or something feel the same
as i press against the firm bark
my only support

only my own weight matters
as i shift between here and nowhere
shaded and sheltered
i wonder, am i here?
or is a parallel existence
my only support

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


anxiously attempting the impossible
convinced beyond all doubt
the treasure lay in wait
for your greedy hands
to grasp for yourself
oblivious to my will

i watched you as you stumbled
thinking everything was fine
always one step ahead
the outcome evident from the beginning
too bright for your own doll eyes
oblivious to the truth

as you approached the end
i offered my hand to catch you
ignored, you insisted you'd made it
knowing all the while
your task was too great to ever succeed
oblivious to all around you

this meant everything to you

lie, cheat, steal my love
for you it's academic
tell us both the opposite truths
self-serving victim of your own needs
depleted until the No Outlet sign
straightened you out with its impact

your aerial maneuver without adequate runway
sputtered as you barely cleared the treeline
low on fuel and energy inertia failed you
as the backwash of your actions
removed the veneer of thinly waxed wings
rendering you a spiraling wreck

attempted without the skill of timing or wit
this undertaking meant everything to you
to turn the table of control in your favor
like footprints in wet concrete
your momentum slowed with each step
until the true measure of your failure was revealed

Saturday, October 4, 2008


long sleek strips of pulp
fashioned for pen or imprint
of pressured expression
meant for others
from the mind of a stranger

pressed and fashioned to comply
with either demand
dependent on the need at hand
paper, pulp, or meaning
each deserving of you

i reached for the pen
as the roll expired before me
leaving me only remnants
of space to fit
each syllable inside me

i left you as i found you
only different and filled
with expressions of words
only meant for you
written across the surface of your face

this night

tomorrow only knows
the answers we sought
as the hours passed
leaving us in the vapor
of this night

the wind pushed through us
chimes with no melody
for we pay no attention
to neither deed or action
of this night

i asked. you answered.
only once because nothing else was needed
we swayed back and forth
two as one without cause or worry
of this night

never really knowing

i saw a star
its name i can't recall
but the colour was clear
as the hue of the glow
and the crimson that shone
reflected off your face
despite the darkness
surrounding us

the glowing meld of gold and spectrum
drew me like no other
a constellation, a wish, a star
like no other but welcomed as home
its fire both warm and distant
glows today within me
never really knowing its name
though embraced as mine alone

across from me

brunette. beautiful.
dark and full of light
i loved you then
as i saw your eyes
brilliant and black
reflect me back to you

the curl of your smile
as you looked away
revealed all i needed to know
i turned. i saw. i spoke.
your glance became the stare
we hold today

Thursday, October 2, 2008

each day my last

don't reach out for me
i've learned not to take a hand
the sting of this reality
bites into my skin
leaving nothing to grasp at all

a bitter heart with seeing eyes
i have become by my own accord
living each day as my last
as the sand which slips
through these far too calloused hands

once a sponge or succulent
now withering as each sun passes
turning this light to black
like the heavy earth left covering
this slab of marble i lie beneath

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


generally we sit and hear
that which we want to
rarely stepping out of bounds
as etiquette dictates
but, tonight is different

alive and aloud we share
the spark of this moment
the jukebox setting our tone
guiding us even
as if by hand to that place

you alive, me in step following
your moves as a novice
a stumbling attempt at living
refusing to fail
despite the trepidation we feel

tomorrow we will rise
like the sun of a new day
together, refreshed as lovers
charged with our own future
without the regrets of the past

we see for the first time
the promise of hope
like the bass and steel drums
running through our souls
which drove us to this place, enduring

tomorrow never lies

i led you to the water
where both of us immersed
and found ourselves emerging
as everyone dispersed
we stroked the moisture from our skin
the sun revealed our markings
of salt and sweat within

the sun reflects upon us
as a father to a son
and warms the hollow of my heart
and tells me you're the one
i asked you to remember
that which touches you inside
and let the words spill from your lips
leaving nothing left to hide

what if i said i love you

today i saw a shadow
and noticed it was mine
not noticing that its presence
was leaving us behind

we spoke in wordless glances
not needing words at all
and knowing that to continue
that darkness would enthrall

i left myself behind me
choosing you to take me home
allowing all the bitterness
to slip away unknown

a certain satisfaction
still mystifies me now
as letting go of age old wounds
like i thought i'd never know

it brings me to this moment
as if i don't know what to do
asking just a single question
what if i say i love you

a world away

as close as skin and flesh
but a world away
you lie under cotton linens
stretching to regain my scent
which i left for you
only a few days before
on the bare side of the bed
we layed upon

only time recounts the moments
that we left in disarray
in our hurry to consume each second
and recreate that which we left unfinished
in those hours in the sun
under the moon which defined us
as we glanced upon eachother
for the first time

i never left you
even as i boarded this flight
away from the epicenter of us
carrying us apart, momentarily
as only time and distance can define
despite the path we chose
as we walked along the water
in the Gulf of aquamarine

Friday, September 19, 2008

city and shore

tonight i see the surf
even as the city overlooks my shoulder
a skyline not of low-rise sand driven dwellings
but, of concrete and steel towers along the saltless current

a city built of glass and stature
far from the shifting tides of jetty and sand alike
still reminds me of my place by the water
where the peace of the heartless dwells

hot and cold underfoot
i embrace them both as sisters
one relinquished to the formal study of others
as the other defines itself by nature alone

home is where my feet tread upon the earth
concrete, macadam, or crushed pumice
i rejoice in the welcome each extends to me
as a native of both city and shore


once we wore the weight of the living
now relinquished we are free
together we watch as the sun sinks behind the city
reminding us we are one in a place of many

so often the din of the silent drew us closer
despite the silence we invited the words formed on our lips
spilling into and filling the spaces
we once left behind for others

the ambiance of us overtook this space
where once our sullen figures dwelled
leading no one to nowhere
our presence the shadow of the overlooked

today we sit among the ruin of us
rejoicing in the solitude of survival
a peace we brought to the carnage that was us
to learn to step again one foot in front of the other

the ink which stains this image, a black and lasting symbol
of the struggle we endured through tear and rain alike
as we each reached for the brass ring
clearly meant for anothers grasp


generally we sit and hear
that which we want to
rarely stepping out of bounds
as etiquette dictates
but, tonight is different

alive and aloud we share
the spark of this moment
the jukebox setting our tone
guiding us even
as if by hand to that place

you alive, me in step following
your moves as a novice
a stumbling attempt at living
refusing to fail
despite the trepidation we feel

tomorrow we will rise
like the sun of a new day
together, refreshed as lovers
charged with our own future
without the regrets of the past

we see for the first time
the promise of hope
like the bass and steel drums
running through our souls
which drove us to this place, enduring

long ago expired

empty as the seats around me
the blank stares of no one
remind me i am home

tonight we will meet
and say nothing
as the evening absorbs our words

the touch of your hands
upon me, hollow and cold
as the indifference in my soul

strangers for the reasoning
of self-preservation
two hopeless indigents of love

no sense in reaching out
to offer aid to the other
as failure defines us both

culpable in our shared loathing
we relish the company of no one
other than the shadows of our past

we breathe as one from necessity
not for the living of life
but as the mechanical process to continue

long ago expired we tread
upon the same grade and terrain
as only rote memory dictates

tonight, empty, cold, and tired
we continue our hollow stare
expecting only the inevitable

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


the sun rose and you were mine
we didn't even speak
the child we bore
was the only flower
in this tangled garden
a purple flower
among the bramble of us

these vines extend the discontent
as wisteria to the trellis
soft, fragrant and pungent
reminding us of the one moment
we came together and understood
that love is momentary
and gardens perpetual

grown and mature, the vine clings
to the trellis we left in disarray
as the flower continues to flourish
and bless us with its sweet scent
even as you turn away
from the pruning required
to make this garden whole


we stood on the edge
of ourselves, waiting
as the gravel shifted
and took us under it's weight
dragging us with it
the dust and hollow earth
enveloped us as one

before we caught our footing
heels digging in
reaching without effort
to sustain ourselves
we once again failed
to right ourselves
from the slipping footing we stood upon

save me

never to ask again
this one last time
marks the epiphany
i can only assume exists

settled into this cavern
of light and dark
i look without seeing
as the earth consumes me

asking only once
i reach for you
catching only shadow
as the sun recedes

leaving only darkness
your embrace a cool reminder
of the remnants which remain
as i asked you to save me

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


many tears
many wishes
many nights
the shattered lies in wait
for night to sweep her away


our molecules clash
the wet to dry effect
once nourishing
like aquamarine to the
purple variegated Liriope
now destructive and clinging

a process we ignored
as our eyes grew weary
denying the aging
we lost our focus of the truth
allowing this slow death
our entropy

once our form was frozen
a coated sagging bridge
no longer held the weight of us
as we tumbled unseeing
and unfeeling below
the water which once kept us afloat

Friday, September 12, 2008

Another Army

you approach as if on lightening
the plains resound with you
a distant resonance
preceding your advance
to the next kingdom
of your conquest

east to west you proceed
resistance a fading strategy
as the thunder of your approach
drowns out the living
consuming the landscape
in fire and pitch

no force repels you
and any attempt to is met
by the siege of your attrition
terminal in their effort
futile in theory alone
failing to slow your western advance

only if you want to

because i tell you to move
i mean it and you will
choices are chosen by me alone
your input is of no consequence
as we stumble through this maze
of discontent believing eachother
as only the dead believe the living

Thursday, September 11, 2008

i laugh again

in my hidden mind
i was strong
maybe, actually a willow
and what is may only be
broken, suffered, ripped entirely

i am bandaged
in the wishes of strangers
tottering still
buoyed by the gleam of light
lent to me

i stand, i walk, i laugh
again joyously
who knows better
just see that final answer
is up to me

if tomorrow escapes us

as i ply you from yourself
i feel the sound escaping
like exacerbation or remorse
verbalized as a whisper to me
or a song played to no one

the strings plucked like silence
remind me of the mood expressed
as you tumbled back from me
falling away as if in escape
from the very day you woke for

hands parting, we mark the moment
like the ink which lines me
carved into time, a reminder
both of where we've been
and where we'll never go again

a cake i won't eat

bitter as the spit
which covers your candles
one for each wretched year
you breathed my air
as i offered you life

ten paces is not enough
to erase this disdain
from my heart brought to me
by your self-inflicted hate
i'll offer you no solace

this empty celebration the farce
we have become, eachother
tasting the spirit of our fate
as the salt of my tears
distills the vinegar from my soul

Brief Encounter

i felt your touch
before you even saw me
fine, like electric sparks
from the fresh tumbled linen

tomorrow came before we knew
and the sun settled upon us
as your hair lay shining
across my chest

as i reached to feel for you
i noticed you were gone
too slow to grasp your beauty
i once again slipped into the ether

your face crosses my mind
as time removes you from my memory
like the scent and spark of fresh linen
which defined this brief encounter

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


in a world from here
before the foundation shifted to cinder
the gradual collapse of us began

not adequate enough to notice
the silted debris of ash and dust
consumed us in its cloud

we stepped as if in caution
our footing as unsure as the blind
in the brilliant sunshine

the dust settled and we were gone
like the sinking western sun
resolving all of today in the promise of tomorrow

Sunday, September 7, 2008

why wonder

if the moon does not break the horizon
or the tides refuse to recede
and the cicada cease their chatter
which makes the evening real
if lemmings fail to file behind the one who leads them
does it really matter as life alone proceeds
this minute print we impress never noticing its effect
is it any wonder we wander without cause

Catching All the Green Lights

there isn't any wonder
the space i feel inside
is filled with quite abandon
with that which i can't hide
i travel in my vortex
never losing time
i'm catching all the green lights
and never look behind

the wind is my companion
as i draft among the breeze
my smile is unconcealing
i continue on in ease
the signposts flash beside me
unencumbered i proceed
a ride beyond my troubles
to which i'll not concede

Saturday, September 6, 2008


willing for the moment, so fleeting
but dawn will still arrive
and with its brilliant arrival
our love is cast aside

a temporary measure
i've chosen for so long
because the very roots of me
are shallow and not strong

i loved you for the moment
intensity defined
the willingness foreshadowed
by the darkness left inside

the time is but a whisper
of a love left long ago
as any need to fill me
is what i'll never know

Friday, September 5, 2008


as the
sentry guarding this
empty fort for nobody
as no feet approach it
ever, as these walls we build
can not protect us from our demons
both shunned and invited by our very actions
never seeing the fortress for the prison it becomes
by the labor of our own hands again and again

Thursday, September 4, 2008


i once held in my hands
the answer to all i sought
that which would heal me
as i slipped away
a victim of myself

an embrace from you
the antidote
all that i wished for
all that i desired
held within these bleeding arms

as i watched you leave me
i could not help but smile
knowing you would always remain
within this memory of us
the angel to my devils inside

the vision of you walking away
left me cauterized
to the reality in this mind
watching without action
as i let you slip away

relieved of the only one who could save me
i was once again both lost and free
to stumble through this darkness
alone with only the vision
of that antidote lost

Sunday, August 31, 2008


pale as the flesh on these bones
beautiful in flutter
a distant yet approaching reminder
of what we've become
erratic in flight
a single purple spot
the only blaze of color
left for us to share

this solitary darkness
brilliant in itself
a harbinger ignored
as we slipped into the deep
awake in sleep
we stared as if in memory
of the orchid hues
which once defined us

gone as soon as it arrived
deafening in retreat
this thing of stunning simplicity
capturing us in midstep
light in shadow
bringing us full circle
to the emptiness we defined
before its arrival at our feet

Friday, August 29, 2008


alone, yet not unnoticed
she goes about her new surroundings
finding her routine
the same as he does
from afar at first
her allure drawing him closer
her beauty an awakening
in his mind
her sadness is beautiful
to young eyes
answering questions unasked
until her arrival
at this place

she dressed as a woman
not of innocence, but of beauty and need
her steps leading her there
to the square where
upon the eyes of the seeing
she approached
her reflection in his young eyes
the disdain from the hated
was present and alive
foreshadowing her very movement
quickly. violently. completely.
they attacked en masse
tearing at her

bringing her down to themselves
to be honored no more
than a street whore left
broken and naked at their hands
his eyes welled at the site
so compelling as to drive others
to indifferent inaction
as witness to the beautiful brutality
he wept along with her
shattered form revealed human after all
and vulnerable as we
in this state of violence,
retribution, and rebuke

damaged yet unbroken
she collects the memories of herself
before this, before now
and smiles
a loss as great as life itself
alone but surrounded
by those who will test
her mettle and her will
he is there, does she notice
the resolve of a soldier
in such a young soul
eager to reach out to her
and pull her up beside him

standing still, once again righted
her path already defined she begins renewed
untethered and freed from her beautiful burden
together they course
with each sunrise and sunset
a parallel continuum leading them away
in the same place
which they started
both now noticing alike
the bond which lies between them
with the passage of the shadows
through this village square

time has served them
in sun and moon alike
their phases passing along
as markers of youth into manhood
and of beauty retained
with the crease of time
displayed as testament
along this road until today
that they alone became the guides of
themselves against the arduousness
of life and circumstance in war
and in person they reach for their place
already defined from the beginning

by her arrival at this place.

*inspired by moodstained

Thursday, August 28, 2008


the crimson-wheat amber
of your body
draws me near
like no other

effervescent and refined
as characteristic
of your Belgian derivative
you glow before me, welcoming

despite my circumstance
you soothe me to where i find
a centered existence among the chaos
surrounding this troubled soul

live, as yeast and misery
shielded by this buffer
you created for me
to face the evening renewed

Mickey Mouse & Athena

your golden-bordered frame
on the dusk gray body
making the shapes of the surreal
and imagined figures in my mind

changing with each advance
of the clock, as the canvas
wind-driven, reminds me of
of the shadows i've come to know

the stratus and cumulus
structure of your shifting work
reminiscent of the world
i call my own

shifting and ever-changing
i grasp your beauty
as the fleeting statement
which makes me whole again

new glasses

from across this granite horizon
you stare in the general direction
of misconception and belief
that you stand alone
among the others
which surround you

your eyes shine, illuminating me
as the sun sinks into the night
shielded by these frames
which expand across your face
hiding nothing but your insecurity
defiant against me

a smile and coy response
does not conceal your fervor
for the unknown and possibly
unwelcome advance of a stranger
reaching out to you
in a manner unconcerned by you


as the recycling of you
advances beyond all meaning
i hold you close
today a whisper
tomorrow a scream

this breathing re-creation
from spent refuse to sublime
i push you down
today a dawnless sun
tomorrow a golden glow

i make you mine alone
from the pieces that i leave
i reconstruct
today a mindless chatter
tomorrow words so clear

the apathy i show you
never deters from its course
i stand with
today a broken vessel
tomorrow reusable once more

Monday, August 25, 2008


send to me your place
where salt and bitter mingle
the soft and warming
location of my desire
the pearl plucked from the oyster


a cosmic wobble
pulls you closer to center
asking you questions
of the ethereal and blue
and the nature of the two


diamond needle set
riding the grooves and lyrics
vinyl memory
brought forth from a dusty box
to live again inside you

Tanka XXXV

fluttering heartstrings
fickle at best when plucked sweet
endeavors to feel
like new again like before
and then time swept you away


tasted on the tongue
the parts of you i cherished
memory fails me
the shadow of my longing
flavors bright remembrances


to err is human
embrace the screw up learning
humility, for
we are not infallible
but yet diamonds in the stream


scattered in the time
it takes to draw the arm up
caution left behind
to celebrate the moment
revelry an apt event

Tanka XXXI

your flight from the obvious
your girlhood brightness
fading as the wind subsides
blowing over us no more

Tanka XXX

fruit stripped from the vine
an eloquent diversion
viewed from a distance
deciding which doors opened
as if any ever were

Tanka XXIX

foolish is the one
who thinks himself the equal
as others listen
with eyes and ears, enlightened
finding solace in this place


nonsense preceding
a scribbler seldom seeing
the treasure before
extinguishing the brightest
spark before the wind takes it


traced in colors hue
remembrance in the petals
marked for all to see
kneeling. wanting. giving still
as the flower fades away

Tanka XXVI

concealed within Him
being one as if before
lioness in wait
open and belonging to
her desires held inside

Tanka XXV

evolution bears
the branching of our species
unique history
defined in the time-line, ours
to embrace and to proceed

Tanka XIV

fore casted are hearts
destined to flap in the breeze
when no love holds them
lost, as a whisper to the
deaf collides with the unheard

Tanka XXII

unknown the dawn sky
forever cloaked in satin
covered under earth
beneath the trampled footing
the day left to the living

Tanka XXI

brackish bogs of youth
once enjoyed in solitude
now weathered copper
over the sun that shined there
before the mineral bleed

Tanka XX

tropical currents
Indian and Pacific
carried beside you
Monticello currency
your wealth diminished in dirt

Tanka XIV

despite the spoken words of
never ending days
unseen unheard understand
our eyes blinded before us


peppered in your breeze
clinging to my face unfelt
narrow is the gaze
which takes you in as welcome
as heaven closes over

Tanka XVII

knowingly salty
intermingled as my own
a realization
they are mine as much as hers
brought forth as I have chosen

Tanka XVI

dropped in a moment
bleeds as an open wound will
your eyes wide open
without words you plead to me
the one removing the thorns

Tanka XV

crystalline nature
angular contributions
together collect
to lay upon us coldly
and steal our warm breath in smoke

Tanka XIV

bared, as if cloudless
the sky illuminates you
unshadowed the view
seeing into the unknown
on horizons familiar

Tanka XIII

staring directly
meeting your eyes as if locked
imploring your truths
without ever asking you
unbuttoned, your secrets spill

Tanka XII

how much can you see
crushed in abandoned darkness
cloaked in shuddered rooms
leaving memories behind
to not see again the light

Tanka XI

salutation passed
a distance of time measured
not in the absence
fondness of recognition
of memories past, behind

Tanka X

hollowed from inside
dragging over canvas taunt
muted whisper screams
colors fading as they dry
hope elusive and denied

Tanka IX

taking you in hand
a thousand wishes leading
crumbled and alone
a slave a pea a pauper
you remain a mystery

Tanka VIII

mistaken in words
the devil in the details
crickets are all that remain
along with the hole inside

Tanka VII

introspection now
exposing the truths inside
revealed as if mine
excepting the cross I bear
tattered amendments fleeting

Tanka VI

swells greet the beachhead
violently pushed into shore
driven rain drops sting
Cracks! overhead above us
soaking our tattered cover

Tanka V

empty the vessel
revealing the hollowed core
rejection is mine
disgraced while reaching for more
knowing the outcome before

Tanka IV

coverall silk tied
binded by my black embrace
eyes agape in awe
surrounded by her mental
state of hollow eyes disgrace

Tanka III

words of a journey
written in a fable bound
treading across sand
looking for the One true thing
never knowing it was found

Tanka II

fine crushed coral silt
placed gently where you're standing
ground beneath your toes
like powdered fields astounding
reminiscent of your youth

i don't know

the tender stare of your amusement
compels me to stay
if only to say i love you
and watch your sweet eyes
stare back at me blankly
assuring all i know as truth

i don't know you as others have
hidden within yourself you ask me to pursue
not as a request aloud
but as desire shown only in your eyes
the eyes i love to surround me
surveying my every move


there's a place i know
where both embrace and grasp
are smooth as the silk weave clung to you
undenied, i take you there
knowing all the while
you are mine

not a move or a motion
deny my advance
as i slide from you yourself
standing still and willing
movement frozen in the space
i consume you

until you breath, i hardly notice
the pace of your quickening heart
beating into me as if mine
a slow sweet descent
into ourselves, as intended
at first glance

sand and sky

a smile and a sunset
before we knew the beauty of it all
layed out before us as a path
of brick and stone
meant to last and weather

you stopped for a moment
only to arrive again at the place you left
unsure, unwilling, and curious
drawn by the unknown
you arrived again at our start

taken by the sand and sky
you crumbled under your own desire
leaving nothing but yourself
exposed and confident as you are
only to be taken by a stranger of equal desire

upon the night

i remember a smile
as if nothing else mattered
despite our attempts to the contrary
the inevitable, our only outcome
embraced and distant only in miles
i smile for you again
in a voice, a tone, a whisper
as if you stood before me
like so many nights ago
under a canopy of light and dark
as stars upon the night

first timer

holding you without allowed resistance
i watched your every move
hands, open then clenched
your lips only sometimes in sync
with the squint i saw as your eyes
drooped and wide-eyed, you even sometimes smiled

the partial and barely audible
pre-moan of your opening soul
to a place unknown, but aware of
your start and stop in trepidatious measures
only melted you further
revealing you in weakening modes
aware and unaware in harmony

your neck rigid and arched
as you dig yourself deeper
with this perfect stranger
as the petal to the orchid
you allow your own unfolding
open and accepting to all he sees
releasing, for the first time, your splendor


tropic of cancer
southern exposure
tropical sweet voice
scented like bougainvillea
growing lazily along
the country long fences

stringing me along
as a melody
in a foreign tongue
scented like jasmine
lying lazily beside me
the moisture ours alone

yielding and receptive
a vessel for my
never-ending interest
woven like the cotton
fashioned simply into fabric
taken along with me

red kryptonite

never would he see
the slight of hand by you
a dark pull into himself
welcomed, as if by design
by your nature alone

captured within him
a moment drawn upon
as not a weakness
but the ignition to the flame
he would bring upon you

turning only your neck away
as you smiled coyly
at your executed maneuver
to bring him before you
kneeling, as you drew him close

soft sand

there's a pearl beneath
a tidal wash
on the coastal sand
i walked upon

never seeing it without looking
a gem, dark and soft
would have slipped unnoticed
without promise

having seen it's shimmer
even momentarily
displayed and beautiful
serene as the stars

taking it into my hands
realizing nothing else
my light grip tightened
only to be returned

like sand
soft in a good way
i knew this tidal wash
revealed it's treasure to me alone

dark and stormy

there's a place for us
to go together when we choose
both serene as your night
and turbulent as my dawn
dark with the scent of your skin
stormy as two forces merge into one

there's a light which shines
not as we look away
but when we turn facing
expressing that which can not be contained
in porcelain and wrinkles
exposed as two forces merge into one

you are the night to my storm
quelled by only a look
illuminated in cloud burst
we falter as one together in the dark
amid a storm of our own making
perfect as two forces merge into one


i know you as if we've never met
strangers not for a second
drawn like currents northward
undenied and unrestrained
a steady flow to dream-state
predetermined without us
despite our fumbling presence

driven by nothing else
but the coming dawn
you turn to me as a vision
wrapping me up like a tradewind
in a once billowless sail
both pulling and pushing me
toward my horizon, my dreamland


remember that which never was
like just yesterday
after so many empty nights
renewed as if to be
postponed never again


together you speak
this bystander
apparent strangers
gathered for the unknown
who understand
the semi-repetition
of one about the other
about the gift of intuition


this small death
wasting away
each day our love
this barrier intends
to become
my prison

i really don't know

as sure as i am
you perplex me
wondering the how and the when
as i know the outcome
before asking

no sage am i
despite my confidence
in you and in us
i still watch the sand
as it slips through my hands

somewhere we lie in between
a chasm forged
a mystery solved
although the dance continues
we stumble on each others toes

no mercy

forever a reminder
filthy the scent of you
the grains of time
built from tears, decaying
from the weight

once a puppet
you, jaded. beauty. scared.
love was tough. fear.
a coward actually bruised
this love, these dreams

not meant for everyone
the weak humiliated
eyes of green
forever the memories live
a part of me


painted shut
this old window
now shuttered
once the access
for the gold and copper

sealed over
the colour of alabaster
stark in it's brilliance
yet allowing nothing of
the ruby and orange sky


there is always a time and a place
to watch music dance across your face
in this living dilemma of time
we each settle for lemon not lime

as we try to conceive every way
to keep shadows from stealing our day
with the moon cutting over the sky
we're an ocean away from goodbye

and the tide settles back to be kind
leaving nothing but dreams in our mind
whether morning at noon or at night
a spell cast which can make it alright


Iberian influenced
Andalusia embracing the lace
attired for the Holiest of weeks
and the nights held for the bloodiest
battles of man and beast

the mantilla de aletas
adorned in glass beads, silk and velvet
Seville evenings welcoming them
lace outercoats adorned for the cool
the smooth light weaves for the warming stroll

Madrid, refined and traditional
held steadfast in protest
La Conspiracion de las Mantillas
endured in grace and elegance
ornamental smooth silken veils of beauty

speckled voyeurs

whispering is not so secret
when the breeze carries the words
as if by wing and speckled voyeur
sent to tell the tale of another
to the only ears meant to hear them

in a field or flowered roadbed
the buzzing leads you about-face
to sense the presence of another
carrying warm thoughts over heated earth
delivering only to you that which is heard


out of shade.
needing ruthless reflection
captured, whore to a sage
frayed. touched. dressed. displayed.
taught in pain, with me

what remains, we are souls
searching in flight
to rest peaceful
it was always meant to be

falling through the sound

dark quarters followed in the midnight clear
reminiscent of music to the ear

marking our descent from this sullen place
these moon-cast shadows which defined your face

shared with Pisces and Capricorn we wait
allowing their signs to decide our fate

if heaven alone would provide at last
our answers as the final hook was cast

for want of more

A whispered moan among the jetty rocks
Cool sand is thrown against their hair in knots

Whipped lightly from the coming storm this night
Together huddled facing and held tight

Wishing the minutes kinder but won't last
Each has forever given up their past

Leaving behind their lives upon this shore
And start renewed again for want of more

the grain of your being

Dry Tortugas, the last in a chain
of crystalline dots afloat and shifting

in temperate currents. the pink
and the white, collecting

in the swirl. the beginning
of the Stream and of the life within

as the aqua meets the purple.
the sun leaving you once more

in the current it has placed you
beneath the clashing. protecting

your form and perfecting every
granule of your being.


dissolved girl
as sugar poured
in sweet tea, cool
sans the mint sprig
its bite
saved for another


a funny thing, this thing we seek
in memory and in blue
attached to wings and heavens claims
we strike again renewed

expecting what most never find
in empty promise told
to hold again no more refined
and claim the smile of souls


the artist paints
his fiery-red crimson dream
aesthetical, for his dark beauty
colored in her lone tear
pain, once calmed
the last hues
of a sadist beautiful masterpiece


sweat-kissed auburn tendril
puddle-soaked whore
raised broken
my smooth lip-kissed cunt


tear you open, left in a playground
with knee-high socks
a simple pure-white cotton

tear me down as i plead
saline drenched, take me ragged
use me. your filthy cotton dream


allow me to tear you open
imprints left in white thighs
through a playground in time
frolic with me back to stolen kisses
knee-high socks, such a simple thing
deviance, pure white cotton
sates the need

invitation to ill

please ignore me as i speak
please release me as i peak
please defer me to your own
please ignore me all alone
please push off me as i try
please discuss me as i sigh
please abuse the trust within
please, another shot at sin

don't allow me anything
don't accept the truth i bring
don't consider me as real
don't reflect the words i feel
don't pretend to understand
don't ignore my contraband
don't deliver me from you
don't expect that you'll be true

abuse the pass i give you
abuse the life i lead
abuse me for the moment
abuse the web i weave

the out

a voluntary passage
offered in exchange
for a swipe at the golden ring
in hopes of desire and release
from ones mythical chains


embrace my imagination
thoughts of the things i love
the soft possibilities pull on me
a stranger, coying and clinging
let me down, an escape from the clean
allow me to inspire, a tug revealing my hand
use my invitation to tear you open
alone to unravel strings upon soft skin
fabric imprints left in an obscure ring
circling sheer white thighs
peered through a soul
a moment cannot lie


man bruises
with white teeth
reaches into this open mouth
man takes his hot flesh
pushes hard over breasts
as this captive keens
man clutches inside
kisses deep into this
strikes these cheeks
yes, this man smiles


words breathed for a moment
calm me upon this sea
deep depths of need stilled
quiet in the waves a lullaby

chilled embers of glowing fire
lit up my soul, held the flicker
flamed-burned water simmers
unsated for the heat no more


the muse inspired you
to cast your eyes aside
as your action invited reaction
by your interest clear

reveal yourself demure
in your stance and stride implied
for your gentleman intrigued
by your passing whimsy

blush and reflect your glance
as he follows your lead in kind
to submit without knowing
you have led him along

ask yourself, does he wonder my fancy?
or amused with you efforts
for the sake of etiquette
or the love of wanderlust alike?


navigate your way
around the obstacles hidden
within your sight to see
yet never reaching your eyes

discovery of the new and exciting
ways of your troubled mind dissolve
as pleasure and folly find you again
in the place you are standing

in the undiscovered a challenge
as frail and failing memory reveals
a waiting secret imploring you onward
to live again what you have hidden


you whisper of your beauty
bound in mirrored reflection
once draped upon me as if skin
your memory deceiving the image
for the one true thing

a fragile vanity convinced you
that you were less than you remember
or more than he forgot, both knowing
that beauty emanates from the heart
which lies protected under my watch

holding me, my dark hollows stare
bringing you back to your thoughts of the moment
your hair attached to me, your heart encaged
your memory held within my walls
forever supporting you until you stand no more


the image of sepia caught
does not capture the fire
forever present in the heart
once favor and time have denied
the lyric-less ballad
as plucked on a heart-string
falls echoing at our feet
to remind us all
we, as love, are but moments fleeting


the heart which pumps for two
forever on a tether
long are the moments between beat
and tomorrow
as gray as your shades dissuade you
the sun also rises

Cheese Plate

was it a day to remember
sunny and warmed beyond the date
a planned encounter almost missed
for the frivolity of everyday

your short jacket pulled tight
snug against your navy frame
a reflection of you caught
in my golden lenses looking back at you

set alfresco on the busy street
amid the revelry of the art found there
park side in the light breeze
both of us heady and consumed in the smoke

conversation with a loved stranger
the best kind, soundtrack playing in our heads
knowing that tomorrow was near
neither of us acknowledging the coming nightfall

stemware bares our fruit, bubbled and rose
the tattooed server delivering our end
set before me the omen I had missed all along
your first choice our durer le cours


you left me a spiraling mess
my words could not hold you
a fool leaving all i had behind
for a grab at the impossible
and the inevitable

never to know you for more
than the hole you punched
through my cloudy day
allowing the sun to shine
if but for a moment


2 2/3 the moments of measure
2 2/3 the days of complete bliss
2 2/3 the time that was captured
2 2/3 the time that i missed

2 2/3 the effort i gave you
2 2/3 the note that you wrote
2 2/3 the part that's remaining
2 2/3 the words that i spoke

2 2/3 the reason you're gone


presently quiet
save for the din
of your words and thoughts
random clashing
of the lucid and the dream-state
bringing you forward
your struggle to proceed
tempered only by your state of mind

privately hoping
as the silence surrounds you
debating an outcome desired
wistful deception
how long will you hide there
leaving fate to another
quietly present
planning your escape
from one heart to the next

Pretty Dress

pulling from the station
you choose a seat at random
windowed, across from me
the pattern strikes me
as the manner of your walk
reveals your intention
of solitude and focus

my interest piqued
i eye the daylight of your silhouette
draped lightly in cotton and bone
buttoned at the neck incompletely
revealing your form
in flickered lighting
shadows passing as we move away

a velvet cinch surrounds
a slender waist of brown and cerulean
clinging tightly in my mind
to the object of my affliction
intruding my eyes
imploring my mind
never noticing your sidewards glance

a smile from the corner of your lip
curls ever so slightly
to the push of my stare
at the cut of your dress
a stranger on a train uninvited
yet welcomed as if you knew
a passage of souls along the line


held down
down below your lowest level
bound, though no ropes hold you there
captured in a moment clear

set aside
aside as if not considered at all
fuck the wine and the roses
they were not meant for you

cast away
away, wrap your mind around these words
their inflection all you hoped for
and so all you shall receive

Falling in 2's & 3's

i'm sorry for your departure
gravity hastening your descent
bringing me closer to my darkest day

i watch your demise
falling in 2's and 3's
a harbinger of my own darkness

your end is my beginning
crimsom gold and orange
beyond your fall I am renewed

Lobby Bar

in muted florescence
a bracelet attracts a glance
strangers alone together
apart only in inches measured
in time spent ignoring the other
together nonetheless

backlit purveyor
amused with the melding
as the two become closer
while moving away intently
separate together
eventual lovers unknown only to themselves


valued moody much maligned
for giving when it wants
sometimes not at all
leave me waiting
hoping even
for your show
sometimes never showing me at all
sweet william
surprise yourself
chartreuse your stem
as eyes betrayed
red your bloom
as blood
from the heart of my wishes
maybe in time
maybe today
maybe never


a hand not for holding
a weathered vain
a sail without billow
a tethered chain
a mist in the distance
obscures your view
a moment of pleasure
passed over by you

Love for the Sake of Dying

wondering wounded naked and alive
dying as a fruit of the vine, beautiful
it sheds its measure in volumes hollowed
asking no quarter for turning away to die, for you
wondering wounded naked and alive


self creation my despair
how do you haunt me
buried in the pocket
of an old forgotten bag

"he who came forth from the earth"
why do you look through me
purchased like a locket
almost thrown away

roll your sun across the sky
oh, you thought you knew me
given in a warm embrace
forever left behind

sacred beetle of the Nile
could you ever just forgive me
cardboard lid conceals your face
box hiding you inside

Sometimes Always

I push you down
anticipating your flight
from the path you have taken
to my heart


the color of your eyes
on longer, harder days
the flavor on your mind
as the summer wiled away

the letters on the marquee
enticing you inside
the image through the glass display
impossible to hide

the cool embrace and combined feel
the texture on your tongue
pistachio the salt and sweet
that only you would know

My Own Hand

a road mired in tearless resolve
empty beginning to end
led by my own hand
again and again

sorrow marks the horizon
carnage fills its path
laid by my own hand
again and again

the arrows strike my back
leaving no mark at all
shot by my own hand
again and again

no mark on the shallow grave
unnoticed as I pass it by
dug by my own hand
again and again

once again and again
my own hand toils to fill
the widening holes before me
placed by my own hand
again and again


the skirt ripples against her thigh
fabric yielding to the breeze
subject of a discerning eye
unknown to her
cut just above the knee
20/12 OD

her heels gliding over concrete
her, lightly bounced in gait
viewed casually across the street
unshown to her
stride hurried as if late
20/12 OS

moving purposely her figure leaves
its shape burrowed in the mind
vision, perception, recognition weaved
inspired by her
her image forever left behind
20/12 OU

The Sun is Lower in the Sky Today

leaving me darkness in descending increments
the passage of time stealing your glow
sinking on horizons shortened
to the length of your course
your burn no longer mine to know

Girl on a Pedestrian Overpass

Never will we meet, you and I.
I view you from afar
Our paths cross unintentionally. Randomly.

Our schedules entwine
Unbeknownst to you
A passerby on the highway below
A blur unnoticed

I see you above me
Busy in your mode
Looking up, you pass me by
Your presence singed into my being for the day
A stranger

This morning, a dress
Floral patterned and billowing in the breeze
I rush by glancing at you
A smile crosses my face
Content with what little of you I have
With my image of you

As you walk over me
Never knowing I'm there,
I see you as if in a dream
A daily reality, which is mine alone
Unappreciated by others who never care to see the beauty there

I time your patterns
Match them to my own
Guess at what you will show me this day
This moment

Happiness comes in small measure
Self-created from a moment in time
My girl on the pedestrian overpass


a cardinal landed on my windowsill
just now
from flight
perched and wary

a thought crossed my mind
it's light
crimson and reminiscent of you

a smile came upon me
and now
my right
i draw a correlation anew

your neck. your posture. the color of your wounds.


lay your golden blanket
at my feet
fanned and stunning
your work saved
for another time, today
for my eyes to see
my foot to tread
my ears to hear
until your shade returns again

The Shave

take my hand I'll lead you
before the mirror wide and clear
run your hand along me
feel my whiskers scrape you rough

run the water hot to the touch
through the steam survey your task
ease yourself upon the ledge
your stance wide and steady, wanting

place the lather where directed
to soften the coming assault upon my skin
take the blade I hand you
drag it downward as the pretense fades away

your trusted motion observed in reversed reflection
I study the concentration in your eyes
as you work your living canvas
face to face our breathing interchanged

aching all the while knowing your fate
should a missed stroke invoke a twitch
you weaken with every measure
of your upward-downward swipe

slowly you draw closer sucking me in
losing all the while the focus of the moment
legs becoming unattached in mind and effort
to hold you up no more

your steam obscured intentions
obvious only to me as i watch your slow demise
bringing you softly to your knees
to the place where you were going before you even started

Word Punk

fuck you with a word
as soon as a look
use a syllable or two
to bring you to your knees

back away from these notions
that actions are passive incantations
your control is predicated
on my utterance of but a word

can I push you to the edge
with only a meaning
never knowing the answer
until it is done

talk to me

tell me the things you won't say
drag yourself up to me
revealing the conflicts in your mind
struggle not with your choice of words
for tomorrow will be yesterday
once you talk to me again


sit in your corner
i will be right here
casting you a sidewards glance
when the time is right

tattered and frayed
panties at your ankles, torn
cut or pulled aside
no matter to you

waiting, shoulders exposed
along with your ego
id along for the ride
with no voice to mention

base and reduced
lost and obtuse
your psyche fragile and fragmented
under my guiding hand


the subtle weave of your embrace
envelopes my imagination
casting me into the fray, dream-state
thoughts of your fibrous bolls
fashioned into the things i love the most
draw me an image of your soft possibilities

pull on me with the allure of a stranger
white and coying like a well-worn heart
plush and clinging as you wrap me up
or let me down as an escape from the everyday
subject of my dark desire you gleam bright and clean
yet allow me to soil you and whet your torn edges

inspire me to depths unknown, hollow and keening
the fabric a gift-wrap waiting for a tug
the sheer bow which binds you to me loosened sharply
revealing the covered diamond hidden there
for me to take into my hand and use as my own
an invitation to pull you aside or tear you open
remains mine alone to accept or deny

24 Days

sitting at a table, book in hand
you glance above the cover there
anticipation worries you
for the things you were to do
left you dangling from a thread

unsure and possibly unprepared
you squirm a little in the seat
uncomfortable in your own skin
for the first time in your life
hypervigilance no longer freeing

will he wear the expression in your mind
say the words repeating in your head
Coronado paints a vivid picture
kissed of a different artist
will the colors be as bright for you both

the mental inventory of your soul
no longer feels quite adequate
as each second leaves you sitting
in the warm anticipation beneath you
caused by your maddening heart-beats

the bell above the entry signals your senses
its quiet ding the trigger of your desires
he speaks in a monotone whisper
the words, which once fully comprehended
transforms those 24 days into the next 24 hours


why do you cling to me
sending runners ever outward
reaching for the empty spaces
casting cover where nothing dwells
entwining the visions in my mind
like a memory encroaching

your structure-softening ascent
both enhances and destroys me
uninvited and unnurtured
your path perpetually undeterred
by the reality of the landscape
surrounding your reaching trails

like a haunting you envelop me
twisted among the scattered thoughts
which see me through each bitter day
turning light into shadow and
consuming each berm i place before you
my insidious companion forever clung to me


gone are your brighter days
the ashen breast muted
in shadow and in cold
your hardship bears
the routine of the commonplace
your tufted strut persistent

anchored in the blackness
of your doll-set eyes
lies our shared encounter
of the green and of the warmth
approaching ever slowly
incrementally in time

tomorrow brings us closer
in small measure
to those lengthened days
as you cock your head to look at me
that curious recognition
sparks my inner child

black girl

slowed by the macadam rise
i turn to see you there
eyes of warm caramel return a knowing stare
propped against the trestle steel
the curl of your lower lip
can not be concealed
as the subtle flip of your hair makes you look away
only to return again in earnest

the glow of your high cheeks
frame your vision squarely
allowing me to concentrate no more
as eyes wander ever lower
the fine paisley dress hugs you like an exhibit
showing attributes of form and figure
wresting notions from my mind
nestled in the sublime

pink painted nails on toasted skin
smooth the billow of fabric and breeze
further accentuating your curved silhouette
and sending fire through my veins
caught in this moment, flushed and wanting
your look betrays you
as your knees weaken their resolve
against both gravity and sense

you let your thoughts drift momentarily
to the hand pressing up your inner thigh
a moan escapes your lips followed by a sigh
as your eyes become too heavy to focus
exposing your thoughts to all who pass you there
allowing yourself just this one moments
release from your daily grind, you let go
opening your eyes again and i am gone

you were the worse thing for us

yesterday i plucked
a lemon from a branch
encased in yellow
bright with hope
yet bitter to the bite

sour and unyielding
your juice runs
wasted down my chin
citrus assaults my eyes
acid for my throat

even sugar could not coax you
just sweet dentition fodder
stinging the cuts
in the wounds which were opened
when i reached for your heart


can i take you there
to the place below our feet
where the earth cools our soul
and mellows the grape and the oil

release your mind
in this hallowed place
centuries etching their tale
defined in human toil

follow me down
our heads bowed low
to the place we will rest
when the sun shines no more


just afford me a place
to support my ascent
toward the hollow place
which is your heart

constant tug

as if by undertow
advancing at your own peril
unmistakably mine

fumbling forward
aware and alive
an object. a victim.
a participator, in your own demise

wrapped up. snugly
as a stitch to a seam
in your desire to escape
this constant tug

tender monster

driven indifference
the blueing
of his gun-metal stare

cold as you
his touch, equidistant
from your body and mind

stone and mortared walls
define a landscape
otherwise bare

he may be nothing
but he is everything you

the end of days

if there ever was a purpose
to the setting of the sun
azure gold and crimson
reminds me you're the one

who walked upon the brittle glass
crinkling fragments of my soul
bright yellow blue and cherry
ground into flesh unwhole

reminders of my foolishness
for allowing you inside
to use the colours of my life
and paint what you despise

the notion that as lovers
we embrace the waning rays
azure gold and crimson
until the end of days

dark gem*

what foreign body
irritated you to this
beautiful form, valued

your luster softly colored
a bluish fine pale gray
the grain of your being

honed smooth over time
precious aragonite
bead of the mother

who nutured your growth
now adorning us all
with your beauty and grace

* for sylphdefined, an inspiration.

Strawberry, Auburn, Red

the colours of my mind.
pulled back, like a curtain
swept over your stage
let down, aspirations
which drifted away
fixed up, for an evening
which ends all to soon
and claims the horizon
preceding the moon

the colours that i find.
relaxed, by the streetside
enjoying the view
splayed out, on a pillow
inviting a stir
windswept, in a moment
which carries away
the chance of salvation
in the glow of today

the colours that i crave.
a grab, from the backside
it hangs from your neck
pulled hard, and in motion
you fall into me
let go, for an instant
but only to find
there is no tomorrow
in these colours of mine.


i'm sorry for this. hardly.
although i've wanted it for years
a friend from afar, now grown.
i've watched you and have heard
your words directed my way

admiring you from the distance
which was inappropriate for the time
during which i knew you.
young. too young. to tell you my song
the lyric, which would bind us

because i was not of your time,
or age.
you knew, as I, and told them so
without my acquiescence,
until tonight

we spoke before noticing, and ignoring
what we knew. words less than glances
looks more than memory
neither appeared to halt
the stare of our knowing

yesterday has dissolved
to where we are right now,
speaking of the moment
as it stands before our eyes
presented as truth. tonight.

which we have denied until now,
an aged bridge
now more common
as we speak beyond the realm
of the folly, and danger, of the past

age no longer defines us
welcomed in our own
distinct pasts, united
as a lead and a follower alike
akin to fondness and affection

you now speak
and i now listen
to the words we have been saying
which have brought us full-circle
to where we sit tonight

whispering, among our employers
the words we wanted
to simply say to each other
when the time was ripe
before this day arrived


if mine were preceding
every step
from the south facing sun
i could rest, knowing
my companion led me forward
to you

if mine were behind me
trailing steps
towards the west setting sun
i could lead, knowing
my companion followed me
to you

if mine were beside me
sharing steps
paced in the noonday sun
i could concede, knowing
my companion brought me full-circle
to you

won't you undo me

seven or eight days
hardly a lifetime
but, forever to you
the way i made it seem

once left for dead
now a warm hand reached out
to pull you from the
placed you laid. forever.

the dirt from your nails
now stains your heart,
open it a little
to let the sun reach the glow of your face

the warmth of your heart
as you undo me
to show me the clean from the dread
the shadow in the cloud

surrounding you
like the moat you made a long, long time ago
telling all others
not to approach

before the myrtle

there was no hope or salvation
then forsythia shone, alive
her olive branches extended
saying all is well

her harbinger the first showing
heralding the dawn
with her weeping boughs
introducing the sun again

to capture her slow descent
and sweeping beauty
before the blue-violet, Vinca
steals the light from the sky

a prelude to longer hotter days
reflected, though short-lived
returning the will and spirit
to every eye drawn their way

a lifetime ago

as glacial sheets
pushed against our plates
tectonic our crust
reshaped as in today

the end result
unsympathetic and cold
denying that which we started
a lifetime ago


cultivate this space
with words and lyric
alike our conversations
testament that we live
among places of magic

where the simple grows
beautiful this garden
of words, delightful.
the earth turned together
to revel in the end result

where toil is not labour
and hands knead the earth
causing life to spring
from the simple idea
of a lifetime ago

* for sylph and caethes

one trick pony

sometimes a seed
finds the fertile earth
not to wither or cower
not to dry in it's own sorrow
turning the soil bitter
with each rise of the sun
and each closing of the eyes

sometimes the eye
sees not what is before it
green-filmed and jaded
forever questioning the what-ifs
with why-nots and cant's
because stepping forward
is an unbearable task

sometimes the days
pass for a reason, unseen
led with the illusion
that our steps were placed with purpose
hearts leading us along
to the dead end we called ours
before the green consumed you

sometimes the end
consuming as the beginning
shedding skin and soul alike
in layers, only to find the toll
higher than you could muster
given the bar you were asked,
by this one trick pony, to leap

opening up the window*

longer days are here for us
who allow their glow. have we noticed
in our haste to chase away the blue
skies have widened in the south
westerly breezes prying open the willing soul
screaming for the warmth of the wild
flowers covering the roadside
stands with hopes of fresh fruit and colours
painting the landscape in hues since forgotten
before the shifting of the light
in the sky prompted the eyes to see
the reticent beams seeking permission
to enter us again through the weave of the fabric
draped over our eyes and blinding us
as we welcome them reaching for the sash
cord pulling to allow their brilliant rays
to bathe us again

* inspired by fire6brand

twist-off love

if you can take the world
and stand it on its end
as I have done
what has really been accomplished

another feat of tolerance
or perhaps a slight of hand
indifferent in both meaning and intent
taking us nowhere

revealed, your pattern obvious
moments slipping past, unnoticed
in the end another twist-off love
disgarded as refuse

not a word being spoken ever heard
nor an adequate reply
to salvage the living from the dead
alike as if one

singularly captured
as holding sand in your grip
could ever bring you fully
to the meaning in your grasp

spilling ever outward
from your emptying hand
until the last grain has left you
holding nothing again

recycled from barren to bare
evidenced only in the sound
of your departing footsteps
walking back to the unknown

the only place where you wander
welcomed by your own silence
to pace the days alone
in the shade you call your home


the Salento sun
burns me black
heart a dark stone
severo, scuro
in a land which breathes
of the ocean salt
sharing its life
as the dying within me
sees not the beauty
with my back to the sun

the iron gates
of centuries-old
olive trees and vineyards
surround me like a cage
of my own doing
never sharing their secrets
or allowing my eyes to see
bel niente
is all that remains
of this hardened heart to share


no abutments of stone
to anchor this conveyance
no cables of steel or truss
for balance or support
just sticks pushed shallow
into the muddy banks

temporary in design and function
constructed for easy destruction
this span of twigs built
to fall upon itself
when struck with match and flint
leaving only ashes on the shore


take it all
ruby-brown liquid
useless fluid
which can’t sustain me
lifeless and languid
treading blindly
for no reason at all

like a black friday
sink it in deep
leave nothing left
no hope of recovery
in this listless existence
without end
or even memory of a beginning

vein of my existence*

draw back
pull from me
that which courses
through these veins
the sharpened bevel
18 gauge steel tip
buried inside me

like a syringe
empty me of myself
as only you can do
not to return
or live again
this shared existence
draining me

watch me pale
from copper to blue
knowing all things end here
through this network
of membrane and cells
the vision leaving me
with each pull of your hand

* inspired by caethes

on fire asking

you drop lower, down
fading away like a dream
simply vanishing
from the view i enjoyed
before the stepping stone
tripped you up
even though laid out for you
clear and persistent
detailed and concise as if
drawn in ink or in stone

you strayed
never seeing the signs
as they guided your next move
simple. as leaded pencil
used for a cursory exam
more of resolve than talent
not even questioning
but probing for the hard stuff
we hold closely to our hearts
failing to give in

in the end the outcome, predisposed
as we shelter ourselves
from the remnants of who we were
and in the footsteps of those
who walked before us
shaping our paths
for better or for worse
based on the actions of another
before ever realizing
today is all that matters

ink wells

use me as your canvas
drag your needles on my skin
exchange with me your colours
and crimson fluid held within

mixing from your palette
using shades i choose as mine
and paint me a kaleidoscope
etched inside me for all time

leave your markings on me
like neon tubing crying out
a constant sweet reminder
of what i'm all about

these designs and coloured symbols
pulled from tiny plastic wells
cover nothing but entirely
that which words can never tell

let us not forget

there was a time when
all was well and
hearts shone on the sunlight

life reminds us
of those days in the sun
then gives us clouds to ponder

leaving us in the lurch
we call our everyday
deciding for ourselves

are we fit for the endeavor
do we have the mettle
to settle in and strive

or are we pawns in the unwinable
match of life and sparks
left to singe or fire us

never to allow
the passing sun
to appeal to us

for favor of the shade
in places we felt comfort
unseeing our undoing

many steps precede today
yet have we noticed
the course we chose as ours

before the waters swept us
to the gravel and debris
we have settled for as real

our tomorrow arrives today
with sweeping wind
and bending willow

allowing us to stand
observing together
that which was thrown aside

as the pull of life
conspires against us
never to concede

giving us one option
to live or to die
as silver to white gold


you hear her with her wide doll-eyes
she penetrates your thoughts
cracking with each tink of the glass
she consumes you
your brunette smile, so coy
hides the disheveled nature
of emotions, loss, and wanting
a little bit of heaven for yourself
with anyone who shows interest
in this tortured existence
of loneliness crying out for someone to love

she speaks to you though no words come
your treasure, the one whom you despise
kept in her glass case unrestrained
she consumes you
you need one of your own to keep
for the others rush away
seeing in those distant eyes a mind
so unlike their own, giving nothing
wanting everything as small as a morsel
or as big as only true life can sustain
in this vacuum of your mindless love

so loud, those eyes bore through you
making you answer her
probing your inadequacies and failures
she consumes you
you’ve tried before with lovers
like trinkets passing in and out your hand
the dark boy with the cigarettes and the pretty blond
girl with the soft voice and kisses for you
his darkness not approaching yours
her sweet love not offered for you alone
you picked your favorite parts of them to love

her crash to the floor has shattered her
though no silence follows the fall
her pieces scattered in your bloodstained hands
she consumed you
now with no one left to talk to, you decide
to reconstruct one for your own
the missing pieces pulled together such as fabric
from a swatch, collected from your memories
of the things which you have lost
not for want of trying, just your shadows cast them off
igniting deep inside you a perfect pattern for your love

left, no longer waiting for her eyes to draw you near
you start gathering their best features
piece by piece for a doll to call your own
you consumed them
your smile no longer coying, but telling just the same
the drive in which you take them
leaving nothing left to doubt
you cut and stitch remainders you have chosen long before
and taking back entirely the darkness from your eyes
you wrap your arms around it stroking with your hand
to coexist forever in this sweet embrace of love

* can anyone guess the Muse?

Punnett Square

you can not add the sum of my parts
as these were placed before me
probabilities in genotypes
alleles interacting to place me
where i am today, an outcome
of squares and science

more complex as a dihybrid
with a typical 9:3:3:1 ratio
heterozygamous mixing and predicting
my dominant and recessive natures
forming this complex being
beyond random happenstance

these genes, independent of each other
thrown into this nature i call me
far beyond pure Mendelian inheritance
i live and breathe as do we all
under the guise of traits and character
as chalk on this blackboard of life

before we ever knew

the frost covered our roots
as the Holly flourished
we, as succulents withered
into ourselves

once, as the sun warmed
there was hope, though fleeting
as our season bloomed without us
left together to nourish the earth

never as usual

as i watched the hands of time
mold me into the nothing
i looked back for you
seeing only horizon
as my view

tears no longer consoling
just the languid remains
of the holes i've punched
into this very heart of mine
which beats no more

there was never a day

where i stood a chance
taking in all that you had
like an incoming tide

my actions, as those of sand
pushing into the pilings
bringing mollusks my sediment

i lost myself in the backwash
pulling me further into the deep
to settle again at the bottom


overhung or cantilevered shelters
fitting for a chair or swing
to watch the storm
carry away all that is worthwhile
leaving only the permanent
reminders i choose to forget

when tomorrow came

i reached for the empty space
where you once laid your head
finding only sunlight coming through the blind
to welcome me to this reality
the vacated space a chasm
which no woven bridge could traverse
and not a stone could be thrown
finding the other side in safety
leaving only the echo where you once spoke
the sweet words of yesterday


multi-cluttered on soft chiffon
fine embroidered sleeves
drapes you as in skin, reptilian
ivory, pewter, slate and mother
as pulled from a tidal pool
just beyond reach of the seas tug

both soft and hard
like the gleam of the sun
from the surface of a shell, worn
lily white, black-edged rosettes
their subtle sheen reminiscent
of the swirl and the jetty foam

* inspired by the top worn by Teri Hatcher in the Baume & Mercier ad – MORE magazine, June 2008, (pg 8 from back cover).

tomorrow is red

when the breeze stole your hair
wandering across the plain of your face
telling me to come towards you
as if you were there
tomorrow is red.

i saw with these eyes our stare
wondering when we would obtain
that which was ours
as if you were there
tomorrow's not dead

as i pushed your face clear
of the red, i knew you were coming
clearing your vision to proceed
as if you were there
tomorrow is red...


soft and malleable
in the warmth
of my hand
a heart not meant for molding

cool and hardened
from the shade
of a sunless sky
a brittle mess, too fragile to keep

fluid and running
in the heat
of my stare
wings not meant for flight

for the wax which forms you
never quite pliable enough
to run, or to fly, or to stay
rendering that which remains inconsistent


this brand of love
is not for everyone
taken under foot
to be ground to dust
particles of you remaining
to pull it back together

too blind to stumble forward
too loose to be constrained
never a waking second
never a saving hand

you crave this association
of meaninglessness i sate
with an obligatory passing
glance meant to steal from you
this breath which breathes
the sweet nothing into you

too preoccupied to focus
too unnerving to outwit
never a stone unturned
never a moments grace

this brand of love
which I reserve for you alone
is marked in brutal colours
tarnished so as to not allow
the sun to cast a glimmer
off the fragments I have left you
all alone

summer hoops

your twisted hair
windblown and tangled
does nothing to deflect
the motion of your snapping gum
standing there
a little tart
in board shorts and a T
flops clung loosely
to your painted toes
as the summer breeze
turns those dangling hoops
into gold adventure

unfinished business

let the stars blaze
allow the sun to shine
for I will not see them at all
swimming in this sea of clouds
which envelopes me

this unfinished business
hung upon me like a halo
leaving me still, as the bleach
bleeds the stain from my heart
left by you

altered but unchanged
reminiscent of the words we spoke
and the deeds we planned
to keep us crashing down
upon each other

this unfinished business
of ours

when the time comes

debris in the path
left scattered and placed
by each of us
giving and leaving pieces of ourselves
on a road no longer traveled

i was there once. with you
and the obstacles were few
hope and promise intermingled
with our own reality
eyes which saw. minds which knew.
our steps trepidatious and fulfilling

then a wash of light and storms
consumed the peace we called our own
stealing the wind from our breath
the life from our hearts
the shadows now illuminated
revealing us both

leaving nothing but who we were
a horizon without a copper hue
a dawn in the clouds. grey.
etched forever as if seared
into the memory
of us, which never was

revealing us both for who we are;
gold to silver
summer to light
waking to death
pushed to pulled
alone to together

Tough Girl

hide behind this brick and mortar
your false exterior
protected within these walls
like ivy on the vine, I come to you
betraying this fortress
and break you down to gravel

a war of attrition
withstood by so few
creeping deep inside you
where no sunlight can reach
setting you up for the inevitable fall
leaving you exposed, as if no wall ever stood

not a moat of stagnant darkness
nor a tower built to see
deters this insidious erosion
of both time and Portland sand
just your persistent attempts at repair
to busy your troubled mind

if there was a sun

these clouds could burn away
from the sapphire
leaving something left
to share their glint and sparkle
and call to mind
the day they first took you in

the burnt umber and blaze
of the memory of you
being the only vision
left singed into this space
i reserved for you
serving no purpose but despair

the day could begin and end
as it once did for us
before the eclipse stole our view
of the vacant promises we made
and the empty well we left
once overflowing, cool upon our feet


i found a flower
by the edge of a pond
lined with foliage
of chartreuse and garnet
and stones of weathered granite

its face of azure and gold
drew me in
to see it as my own
i plucked the petals
only to watch them wither

something so beautiful
once taken and held
in my hand
only to die from my touch
as I grasped for its beauty


the sand washed away
the bruises
the black and the blue
as the tide collided
toward us leaving nothing at all

as time escaped
us standing
back to back
in the autumn
sky fading with us

survivors of ourselves
the common demon
we faced, so defiant
tore us apart
a piece at a time

never seeing who
we really were
but somehow knowing
tomorrow was nothing more
than a memory undone

the wind peeled away
the bruises
the black and the blue
as the storm crashed
into us both leaving nothing at all

Power Lunch* (a short-story)

The first thing she does every morning, the minute she wakes is to check her email for Master's instructions. She is, after all, his obedient whore.

This morning, Master's email informed her she was to wear her red lace thong panties and matching bra and garter, nude silk hose.

"You are to clear your schedule from 12 to 1pm today, and wait my instruction. Understand, slave?"

"Yes Master," she whispered knowing he couldn't hear her, but would expect to answer accordingly any way.

"You may have coffee, cunt, now don't be late and get going. Your Master loves you and desires you and knows you will always be pleasing."

"Oh, yes, Master," she whispered again, this time reaching down between her legs, clenching her aching cunt. Oh, how she longed to feel the power of her Masters hands on her body, plunging deep into her slickness.

She jumped up from her computer and went about getting ready for work. Her mind was swimming with possibilities. What did her Master have in store for her? She never knew. Sometimes it was a task he required her to do, and sometimes it was even a visit, he never told her so she would be on edge with anticipation all day. He was an amazingly powerful and wise Master and she she loved him with all that she was, eagerly giving him her mind, body heart and soul, and he kept and used her well.

She chose her outfit for the day carefully. Taking out the items she was instructed to wear, then choosing a pinned stripe skirt and jacket to wear over a red silk blouse. She thought her Master would like her choice today. She selected a pair of black low-cut pumps that made her legs look long and sexy. She carefully pinned her hair up and chose a smart looking pair of spectacles that framed her brown eyes beautifully.

She was always the first one at the office, often doing half a days work before anyone arrived, which is probably why she was the top earner for their branch. Her head was buzzing with thoughts that barely could hold her attention with the anticipation of what is to come. The morning hours seemed to drag on, and then she got her first text message at 10:30 am.

"Insert the plug"

She felt the flush of heat rip through her body. Her Master required she keep certain things with her at all time, and the small jeweled anal plug he presented her with the night he collared her was one of them. On the small steal bulb was his initials, and she was to only wear it when he commanded her to. She had other toys, other plugs, but this one was incredibly special and when she wore it she felt his total ownership of her.

Immediately she went to the washroom with her purse, took out her beautiful jewel and did what Master trained her to do. She pulled down her panties, lubed it with the moisture of her lips and tongue and gently inserted into her body that gratefully accepted it. She pulled up her panties and went back to work with her Master's gift deeply embedded in her bottom.

She could barely concentrate on her work as the lovely submissive feelings continued to wash over her again and again. She was filled with a blissful calm one could only achieve when truly owned.

At 11:30, she received another text message.

"Aldo's, 12pm..."

She could barely contain herself when she read the words! She was going to see him! He wanted to meet her at Aldo's for lunch! She suddenly had a thought flash through her mind. It was her assumption that he would be there, he never said he would, and there have been times in the past when he had instructed her to go to a place and he did not meet her. Her stomach started to churn with nervous anticipation. She so badly wanted to see her Master, wanted to taste his flesh and feel the warmth of his body.

Aldo's was about 20 minutes from her office, so she left soon after the text message. No one ever questioned her coming and going at the office since she so often was not only the first to arrive, but the last to leave. The traffic was light and she made it easily to the restaurant. She immediately looked for his car, but didn't see any cars in the lot. She thought for a moment she was at the wrong place, but she knew this restaurant, it was her Master's favorite.

She walked into the restaurant which was dark and was met by a waiter. He greeted her kindly and told her her party was waiting for her in a private room to which he lead her. When he opened the door, she saw her Master immediately. He was standing there so handsome in his suit, his blue eyes were sparkling and his smile warm and inviting. He was happy to see his girl. She never got used to the impact he had on her in the first moment she saw him. He made her weak in the knees and her heart melt. She wanted to run to him and throw her arms around him, but knew he would never allow such a display. The waiter left them alone and she immediately went to him and knelt at his feet. "oh Master, " she whispered and he held out his hand to her which she nuzzled with great affection. He motioned her to rise to her feet, he grabbed her face and kissed her mouth. She drank in his deliciousness and caressed his tongue with hers, drawing him into her deeply. After they embraced a bit more, he stepped back from her to fully look at his slave and she knew it was to inspect her to see if she had properly obeyed him.

He took a seat in a large leather chair and instructed her to undress. She carefully removed her clothes showing him the sexy red underthings he had ordered her to wear. She knew she was to immediately remove her panties in his presence, especially when wearing the plug. She also knew that she was to leave on her garter and hose and heels. He was very pleased at how his slave followed his orders perfectly and how beautiful she looked wearing her jewel.

When she was done undressing she took her place on her knees at his feet and the waiter entered the room with a large tray.

"Lunch is served, my girl."

The waiter removed the silver tops to the trays and she gasped at what was beneath. Two of the largest lobsters she had ever seen and bowls of drawn butter for dredging. Each lobster must have weighed about four pounds and they were mostly served cracked in in the right places so the meat could be easily extracted. She noticed that there were no eating or serving utensils on the tray or on the table and realized lunch would be served only with her beautiful fingertips.

She picked up a white linen napkin and went over to her Master and waited for him to nod, permitting her to proceed. She placed the napkin across his lap and smiled thinking how lucky that napkin was at the moment and how she wished she were draped over her Master's strong powerful thighs. She went to the tray with the lobsters and picked up a claw and gently pulled the meat from the shell. She brought the morsel to the butter and lightly dipped it in coating it well and brought it to her Master's lips. He opened his mouth and she place the meat carefully in as he closed his lips around her fingers. Feeling his lips on her fingertips sent a wave of heat through her body and she felt her cunt clench and drip with want for him. He smiled at the blush that came across her face and breast knowing his girl was becoming intensely aroused, which made his cock strain against his pants. He wondered how much of this lobster would actually be eaten before throwing her on the table and tasting her.. his delicious little whore.

She went back to the tray, and pulled more of the lobster out of it's shell, dredging it again in butter, and holding her other hand underneath to catch any drips. He ate from her fingertips, enjoying the bold way she put her fingers in a little deeper each time and he teased her fingers with his tongue. She took another piece and dredged it in butter, and put it into his mouth, this time her fingers going in a little too deep, he felt her getting brazen. He grabbed her wrist hard, startling her and pulled her onto his lap. Her plug was still deep in her ass and he grinded against it with his knee causing her to screech a bit. He took her hand and forced her fingers into her mouth demanding she too have a taste... then with his other hand he reached down to her needy pussy and plunged his finger deep into her slick cunt. He smiled at her embarrassment at how aroused she was. He knew she was close to cumming and probably had been for a while. Delving deeper and deeper, waiting to hear that guttural moan she makes when trying to stave the impending orgasm, he pulled his fingers out and brought them to her lips making her taste them, putting them deep into her throat. She sucked her Master's fingers clean as he had trained her to do.

He took his slave positioned her on her back on the table pushing the tray to the side in one strong motion. He pulled her legs apart hard exposing her pulsing cunt. He reached over to the tray and pulled the tail meat from the lobster and plunged it into the butter. Then he held it over her cunt and let the hot butter drip on her clit, almost sending her over the edge. He placed the meat on her shaved cunt and bend his head down and began sucking her cunt and the meat at the same time, devouring both mercilessly. He took another piece and did the same. He knew she was about to cum, and drove his fingers deep into her demanding she cum for him, and she did, over and over again spasming on his fingers, releasing her honey for his pleasure. He took his cum-soaked fingers and made her clean them once again with her luscious warm tongue.

He sat back in his chair and unzipped his pants. He needed to feel that warm tongue of hers on his cock. She immediately rose to action, went to the tray pulled some of the lobster, dipped it in butter, and bent down between his knees letting the butter drip down his beautiful cock. She followed the drips with her tongue and he pushed her head down driving his shaft down her throat. She sucked him long and hard and when she felt his cock swelling as it did before he came, she took the lobster meat that was in her hand and held it above his cock so his cum would spray all over it. As he came he covered the luscious meat with his cum, and then he fed it to her. She ate every bit.

She wiped up the butter from her Master, and then from herself with another linen napkin. They sat together and ate the rest of the lobster, feeding the morsels to each other and enjoying each other's company. Their desire sated for the moment, but not for long. Her Master became aroused again, and wanted to take his whore once again. He rose from the table and picked her up and forcefully bent her over the table. Her cunt still slick with butter and cum made it easy for his cock to deeply impale her as he fucked her hard from behind. Driving into her deeper and harder pushing her plug into her with his palm, he filled his slave with Masterful ownership and she jerked her hips in orgasming pleasure. He pulled out of her, grabbing her hard by the nape of the neck and forced her to her knees, driving his cock down her throat as he filled her mouth with his hot cum.

He sat back in his chair, catching his breath as his whore sat at his feet licking her lips, savoring his seed.

the end....

* co-authored with dragonfly-geisha