Saturday, November 22, 2008

if i cared

tomorrow will never come
despite the efforts of the sun
held below the horizon
by my indifference
as the moon passes over
without shadow
casting you into the nonexistent

another way to say goodbye

standing next to me
i knew you were gone
even before your hand went limp in mine

you saw the ground
as i saw the sky
wondering why my vision was so blurred

10 digits bound us
until the shrill ring
awoke me no longer

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


the pull of you
relieved me of myself
sending me tumbling
into this sweet abyss
i had overlooked

gone are the notions
that defined me
once upon a time
melding the given and the lost
as the potters wheel

spinning spinning
in the free fall of you
taken as i walked silently
blinded by it all
purged, to live again

Monday, November 17, 2008

i used to love you

hanging by a string
in your tattered mind
my everything
i made you crawl
on the splintered floor
as you sputtered words in that silly drawl

there was no hole in my heart to fill
just untied sutures
that i placed at will
as i stripped your fears
the emotions flowed
streaming down your face in a world of tears

so the questions stand
as we move away
from our unfilled plans
your mind submerged
i leave you now
completely purged

no looking back
as the distance grows
on the words we lacked
no matter now what you choose to do
just read these words
i used to love you