Thursday, March 18, 2010


ashen kettles of nothing
holding what we thought we were
looking, still
for the things that held us close
leaving nothing but the search
for the the thing we never had...

tattoo of you

indelibly mine without a canvas
stretched upon imagination
you allure me
love is like a marking
inflicted with meaning and intent
you are mine


forever a memory
the special event we left behind
gathered in the entropy of us

isn't it fine now
as the storm clouds consume us
gathered in the entropy of us

tomorrow we will never know
consumed by today
gathered in the the entropy of us...


shallow figures lie
on plates of energy
as if once one connected
tragic figures still-embossed
upon each other

aligned in purple
and coral shades of blue
recall the brown
of what we never knew

as light turned into copper
the view of solace skewed
with everything we once believed
the one exception
being you


tear me in ultraviolet hues
down to the soliloquy of you
ancient, ever-more
as if it mattered at all
a diatribe of nonsense
in the face of all that precedes you

sunless sunshine
cast in shadow and doubt
the remorseful end to a beginning
without the earth
without the sky we adored

Cold Medicine and Wine

a fog upon a clear day
mine alone - clouded without you
reign me in, will you
sun setting on us both
no punctuation needed
on this chapter of self-importance
worth regardless of importance
is as necessary as an ego in an asylum

welcome me to hysteria
a mat of red
laid for the debacle of us
remember the tomorrow
we once promised each other
swept with euphoria
crystal and sapphire
victims of everything around us

clearing now, cauterized
in the haze of me
and the memory of you
all eyes seeing
as if to just tell us
the simple fact we knew all along
swirling and disappointed
in a fog upon a clear day

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


the large expanse of us
driven by the wind
driven by each other
pushed into tiny pockets of indifference
as only we can do
we are powder
we are victims
until we are no more

take me there
until i see you
until i feel the way we really are
tumbling across a sinking horizon
as only you can do
we are golden
we are treasure
until we shine no more

gather the force of ages
to sweep me onward
to sweep me into you
the lone oasis in the waste of me
as only love can do
we are eternal
we are vapor
until we drift no more